New Christmas Movies: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Releases (2023)

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by watching some heartwarming Christmas movies? Whether you prefer romantic comedies, musicals, or family-friendly adventures, there's something for everyone in the lineup of new Christmas movies for 2022. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through a list of 25 must-see Christmas movies that will be released this year. From beloved franchises to fresh rom-coms, these films are sure to bring joy and cheer to your holiday season.

Falling For Christmas

Synopsis: Lindsay Lohan stars as a privileged hotel heiress who, despite suffering from amnesia, finds herself staying with a charming single father and his daughter in the days leading up to Christmas. This heartwarming romantic comedy is available to watch on Netflix.

The Dog Days Of Christmas

Synopsis: Annie, a nonprofit professional, embarks on a mission to find homes for three homeless dogs during the holiday season. Along the way, she reconnects with Dylan, the neighborhood vet, and together they work to save the local animal shelter. This heartwarming tale of love and second chances can be enjoyed on your favorite streaming platform.

The Royal Nanny

Synopsis: In this delightful movie, a British spy assumes the role of a royal nanny to Prince Colin's children. As she navigates the challenges of managing the prince's boisterous kids, she must also protect the family and fend off Colin's advances. Tune in to the Hallmark Channel to watch this charming Christmas film.

A Christmas Story Christmas

Synopsis: This follow-up to the beloved 1983 holiday classic takes us back to Ralphie's world, now as a 51-year-old father and aspiring author. Set in 1973, Ralphie strives to recreate the traditional Christmas he experienced as a child for his own wife and children. Relive the nostalgia and watch this heartwarming film on HBOMax.

Christmas With You

Synopsis: In this heartwarming movie, pop diva Angelina, played by Aimee Garcia, decides to grant a fan's Christmas wish by paying a visit. Little does she know that her visit will lead to unexpected connections and a rediscovery of the festive spirit. Catch this heartwarming film on Netflix.

Sweet Navidad

Synopsis: Carmen dreams of opening her own bakery with Puerto Rican influences, and when she's invited to audition as the pastry chef for a local hotel's holiday gala, she must collaborate with chef Jax to create the perfect Christmas meal. Will their culinary partnership lead to more than just a feast? Find out by watching this delightful film on the Hallmark Channel.


Synopsis: This reimagining of the classic tale "A Christmas Carol" takes a musical twist and tells the story from the perspective of the ghosts. Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell star in this whimsical and entertaining film, which can be enjoyed on AppleTV+.

The Noel Diary

Synopsis: Justin Hartley stars as Jacob, a novelist who returns home after being estranged from his family since he was 16. Based on Richard Paul Evan's bestselling book, this heartwarming film follows Jacob's journey of reconciliation and self-discovery. You can watch it on Netflix.

A Christmas Mystery

Synopsis: Set in Pleasant Falls, Oregon, this delightful mystery revolves around the disappearance of Santa's enchanted jingle bells just days before Christmas. When her best friend's dad becomes a suspect, amateur sleuth Violet takes it upon herself to solve the case. Tune in to HBOMax to unravel the mystery.

A Royal Corgi Christmas

Synopsis: Crown Prince Edmond brings home a mischievous and untrained Corgi named "Mistletoe" as a gift for the Queen. Chaos ensues as the dog wreaks havoc, leading Edmond to hire an American trainer named Cecily to help tame the unruly pup. Watch this heartwarming tale unfold on the Hallmark Channel.


Synopsis: Jen, a Christmas enthusiast, enters a design competition with the help of her best friend Max and her infant nephew. As a finalist, she must decide whether to reveal the truth about her "perfect" family or continue to uphold the illusion. This heartwarming film can be enjoyed on the Hallmark Channel.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special

Synopsis: Marvel's beloved superhero team embarks on a separate holiday adventure in this special film. Star-Lord, still grappling with the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, receives the ultimate Christmas present during their visit to Earth. Tune in to witness the holiday magic unfold, including a special appearance by the legendary Kevin Bacon.

The Hip Hop Nutcracker

Synopsis: This movie musical adaptation brings a modern twist to the classic ballet. Follow Maria-Clara as she embarks on a journey to bring her parents to the annual New Year's Eve Block Party. With a cast of characters from the Step Up film series, this film is sure to entertain. You can watch it on Disney+.

Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas

Synopsis: Start your Christmas with the enchanting music of Dolly Parton. This movie musical features hit songs like "9 to 5" and "I Will Always Love You," along with special appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson, and Miley Cyrus. Join Dolly behind the scenes of a network-TV holiday special and experience the magic of Christmas.

Hotel For The Holidays

Synopsis: High-end hotel manager Georgia finds herself caught in a love triangle with a charming chef named Luke and one of the hotel's guests. This festive comedy explores the complexities of love and the joy of the holiday season. Stream it on freevee.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Synopsis: This animated version of the classic tale breathes new life into the traditional carol. Luke Evans lends his voice to the iconic character of Scrooge, accompanied by a talented voice cast. Immerse yourself in the supernatural, time-traveling, musical world of Scrooge on Netflix.

Violent Night

Synopsis: For fans of action-packed holiday movies, "Violent Night" offers a thrilling twist. David Harbour portrays a ruthless Santa Claus who comes across a family held hostage by mercenaries on Christmas Eve. Forced to take matters into his own hands, Santa embarks on a mission to save the day.

A New Orleans Noel

Synopsis: Old friends Grace and Anthony, who studied design together in college, reunite in their hometown. As they navigate their different paths in life, their friendship is put to the test. Discover the power of second chances and the magic of Christmas in this heartwarming film.

Merry Textmas

Synopsis: A technological mishap brings graphic designer Alex and software developer Gaby together for a vacation in Oaxaca. When Gaby's family accidentally adds Alex to their Christmas plans, the couple embarks on a journey of cultural discovery and love. Watch their heartwarming story unfold.

Something From Tiffany's

Synopsis: What happens when the perfect Christmas gift gets mixed up? This romantic comedy explores the consequences of a mix-up involving a blue Tiffany's box. Join the characters on a delightful adventure filled with love, laughter, and holiday magic. Stream it on Prime Video.

Record-Breaking Christmas

Synopsis: Leah, an adjudicator for the World Record Bureau, visits a town preparing to break multiple holiday world records. As she immerses herself in the town's festivities, she also finds herself falling for Devan Bancroft, the town doctor. Experience the magic of record-breaking and romance in this heartwarming film.

A Christmas To Treasure

Synopsis: Six long-lost friends reunite in their hometown for a holiday treasure hunt. As they embark on this nostalgic adventure, sparks fly between Austin Craig and his former best friend Everett Matthews. Join them on a journey of rediscovery and love.

Holiday Heritage

Synopsis: Hallmark introduces its first-ever Kwanzaa movie, centered around Ella's journey to reconcile with her estranged family. With the help of her ex-boyfriend Griffin, Ella encourages her family to embrace Kwanzaa and mend past hurts. Tune in to the Hallmark Channel for this heartwarming family saga.

The Holiday Dating Guide

Synopsis: Abigale, a dating coach, must prove the effectiveness of her dating advice to her skeptical publisher, Jack. In just 12 days, she sets out to seduce a man and show Jack that her rules work. Follow Abigale's romantic escapades in this charming film, available on Lifetime.

Hanukkah On Rye

Synopsis: Molly and Jacob, rival deli owners, find their relationship put to the test when they discover each other's true identities. Will a Hanukkah miracle bring them together? Join Molly and Jacob on a heartwarming journey of love and acceptance on the Hallmark Channel.

With this comprehensive guide to the latest Christmas movie releases, you'll have no shortage of heartwarming and entertaining films to enjoy this holiday season. From romantic comedies to family-friendly adventures, these movies are sure to bring joy and cheer to your celebrations. So grab some popcorn, cozy up by the fire, and let the magic of Christmas unfold on your screen. Happy holidays!

Note: The information provided in this article is based on the latest available sources and may be subject to change. Please check the respective streaming platforms for the most up-to-date information on movie availability.


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