How Great American Family is Dominating the Christmas Movie Market (2023)

Great American Family, the cable network led by former Hallmark Channel chief Bill Abbott, is making waves in the Christmas movie industry. In just its second year since rebranding, the network is set to release an impressive lineup of 18 Yuletide films, trailing only Hallmark and Lifetime in terms of holiday-flick volume.

A Stellar Cast of Returning Stars and New Additions

Great American Family has managed to attract both familiar faces and fresh talent to its Christmas movie lineup. Returning stars from last year's slate include Danica McKellar, Merritt Patterson, Jill Wagner, Daniel Lissing, and Cameron Mathison. These actors have already proven their appeal to audiences, adding to the anticipation for this year's films .

Candace Cameron Bure and Gladys Knight Join the Festivities

One of the notable additions to Great American Family's lineup is Candace Cameron Bure, who not only stars in one of the films but also serves as an executive producer for another. Bure's involvement brings her loyal fan base and adds to the network's star power. Another exciting addition is the legendary Gladys Knight, who will be part of the cast of "I'm Glad It's Christmas" .

Diverse and Heartwarming Storylines

Great American Family's Yuletide slate offers a wide range of heartwarming and festive storylines. From the Black Friday-themed romance of "Destined at Christmas" to the tale of a fledgling caterer falling for her client's nephew in "Catering Christmas," each film promises to capture the spirit of the season.

Embracing Tradition and Finding Love

Several films in the lineup explore themes of tradition, family, and love. "A Merry Christmas Wish" follows an NYC advertising executive who returns to her hometown to sell the family farm but ends up reconnecting with her childhood friend and getting involved in organizing the yearly Winter Wonderland event. In "Christmas Sweethearts," a woman enlists her best friend to act as her fake boyfriend for the holidays when she discovers her ex is in a new relationship .

Uncovering Hidden Family Histories and Rediscovering Love

Great American Family's lineup also includes films that delve into the mysteries of family history and the power of love. In "My Favorite Christmas Tree," a skilled genealogy researcher uncovers new information about her mother's extended family, leading her on a journey to a charming town where she may find not only her ancestry but also love. "Christmas at Pine Valley" tells the story of a blogger whose farm is mistaken for a family-owned business, leading to unexpected connections and a heartwarming Christmas tale.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Unexpected Romance

The network's films also explore the theme of overcoming challenges and finding love in unexpected places. In "Christmas at the Drive-In," a property lawyer fights to save her town's drive-in theater from closure during the holidays and finds romance with the person trying to sell the property. "Aisle Be Home for Christmas" follows two exes who reconnect when they become stranded in a superstore just before Christmas, leading to unexpected revelations and a chance at rekindling their relationship.

Royal Romance and Culinary Delights

For fans of royal romance, "A Royal Christmas on Ice" tells the story of a prince who escapes his royal life and falls for a former Olympic ice skater in a small town in upstate New York. Meanwhile, "A Belgian Chocolate Christmas" takes viewers on a journey to a culinary school, where a photographer takes her best friend's place and finds love with the chocolatier leading the class.

Crafting Art and Discovering Self

Great American Family's lineup also includes films that explore the world of art and self-discovery. In "Crafting Christmas," a woman tries to find her unique artistic style while helping her mother run the family restaurant. When her discarded painting is anonymously submitted to a Christmas art festival, she must navigate the unexpected attention and the possibility of finding love. "The Art of Christmas" follows a struggling artist who takes on a teaching job at an elementary school and discovers her true self, a new sense of purpose, and a surprising romance .


Great American Family's impressive lineup of 18 Yuletide films showcases a diverse range of heartwarming and festive stories. With returning stars, new additions, and captivating storylines, the network is poised to make its mark in the Christmas movie market. From romance and tradition to hidden family histories and unexpected love, these films offer something for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season.


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